M.E. diary

Well, well, well!

I’m feeling really well lately. I wake up in the morning and actually want to get out of bed and do something. I’m still taking it easy coz i don’t want to get back into the non stop, cant stop, got to keep going and get everything done way of living. I’m practising taking it easy, not being lazy but lazing around. I’m practising allowing things around me to be disordered and a bit dusty. Its a really good feeling.

I mentioned to Jon today that I’d brought a lot of plants, that only cost £10 in total, from Morrisons (i looked at B & Qs plants and they were extortionate!!) and wanted to get them planted up before he got home on Thursday. He told me not to worry about doing it as he wouldn’t notice if the bridge had flowers on it or not and i thought that probably no one but me would notice if it wasn’t done (although people do notice when it is done as they comment on how pretty all the flowers look) and that probably no one would notice if the house was dusty and that people might notice but no one would actually mind if it was untidy (I’m still working on that one personally – i can manage dusty but ‘things’ all over the place still bothers me quite a lot).

So ….. I’ve had the flowers for two days now, tomorrow will be the third, and i might plant them tomorrow and  i might not. I might clean  the bathroom, i might dust the sitting room, i might clean the kitchen floor, i might finish off the landing page for our website but then again i might not do anything but please myself and read in  the sun, if its still sunny. Lolling around in the sun reading whilst feeling well ….. what a novel pleasure!!!


  • fifimurphy

    I have had a sprinkle of magic dust and it has made your page work. It is hard to ignore things that need to be done but you have to learn to or your M.E. will come and bite you on the bum. I have a cleaner as i simply could not cope with keeping things clean. My DLA helps me pay for her £20 per week. I enjoy gardening too but cannot do it anymore due to my M.E. and back problem so I am trying to get a gardener to help. These people help me feel better and as long as i can afford them I see this as a necessity. Why don’t you join Action for M.E facebook page and promote yourself.
    Take care
    Fi x
    Like your posting of George Bennett?

    • Sally

      Hi Fi, thanks for leaving your comment its so relevant to my post and also to how im feeling today after planting the flowers i bought. I was well and now i feel awful again. Hopefully not too much damage done. A cleaner and a gardener are a necessity to our wellbeing i totally agree. I’ll look up the Action for ME group. Take care, Sally x

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