The key to prosperity

Is it possible to get rich quick using the power of your mind?  Why is it that when we try to mentally will more money into our lives, the kind of abundance that would have us set for life, that our mental powers seem to fail?

The following may very well be the basic keys to prosperity:

De-program yourself from believing that Money is The Root of All Evil.  This negative image is so firmly planted in our subconscious, that we may feel guilty if we do get a lot of money.

Love your bills.  Receiving a bill is evidence that the universe has faith in us to pay them.  Put them in a prominent place and practice gratitude for receiving them.  They are evidence that abundance is freely circulating in our lives.

The universe picks up desperate vibes and brings us even more desperation.  When you think about money do not use phrases like “I need” or “I want”.  Say something like “Millions of pounds are coming to me as I speak”.  Think of yourself as being rich, even if you are as poor as church mouse.

Do not wish for specifics.  Have faith that the universe knows what is best for you.  If you ask for something and do not get it, the universe or powers that be have something better in mind for you.  When praying, meditating, wishing, or saying an affirmation for something you want ask for generalities  –  “I am healthy, wealthy, happy and wise.” as opposed to “I am the owner of a shiny, new sports car.”

Ultimately, the secret to creating prosperity is not mind over matter; it is spirit over matter.  A happy, gentle, and loving spirit creates a happy, gentle and loving life.  “Do what you love and the money will come…”

© 2002 Sarah Marsden


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