A love spell for Valentines Day

This Valentines Day how many of you will be single and are not expecting cards?  Would you like to enhance your chances with a love spell to conjure up a card or even a date for Valentines Day?  It is never too late – you could see results the next day.

Here is a simple spell which, if done carefully with the proper intent, could work for you.  You should ensure that you are not asking for someone else’s man or a specific person.  It would not be right to alter someone else’s will as in the long run this would lead to unhappiness.  Trust the universe to bring the right man to you.  You should not ask to be together forever as you may find yourself tied to someone, you no longer desire, for the rest of your life.

Ground yourself by sitting comfortably with your feet on the floor.  Take a few deep breaths and feel your connection to the earth.

Take a pink, unused, candle – hold it and feel the purpose of the spell.  Carve a love heart at the top of the candle then, downwards, your first name and date of birth, then another love heart.  As you do this visualize yourself surrounded by pink light and chant – “As the rose attracts the honey bee, bring my one true love along to me.”  Add any other symbols you feel appropriate.

Anoint your candle, with rose oil if possible but olive oil is fine, then wrap a strand of hair around the middle, place the candle in a stable candle holder and light it.  Concentrate on the type of man, relationship you want for as long as you wish then leave the candle in a safe place to burn out.  May Cupids arrow shoot straight to the heart of your desire!

© 2002 Sarah Marsden