Feng Shui for love

Whether you want to attract a new partner, rekindle an old flame or repair a rocky marriage Feng Shui can help you do just that!

The ancient art of Feng Shui can eliminate the bad chi (energy) in your house and especially your bedroom that stops relationships from forming or growing.

The marriage area of your house is the area that needs emergency treatment to sort out relationship problems. When standing at your front door the marriage area is situated in the NE corner of your house and is the best place to site your bedroom.  The NE corner of your house, main living rooms and your bedroom may all need attention as in Feng Shui the different aspects relate to the house as a whole or each individual room.  When standing in the doorway of any room the marriage area will always be in the NE corner.

Boost the marriage area in your living room with a beautiful bright light or candles.  In the bedroom pink or red candles or flowers will help – pink for romance, red for wild love – use a mixture.  You should try to place your bed in the marriage corner of your bedroom.

Remove all evidence of past relationships or work from your bedroom – you do not want to stay wedded to either of them!  Choose soft, luxurious materials for curtains, bedspreads and carpets – make the room as sensuous as possible.  Choose circular or round edged furniture as curves help to break up negative chi and promote harmony and love.

Of course there may be other aspects about yourself and your life that need work but this should have given you something to think about and help get your mind working about other things you can change to get love into your life.

© 2002 Sarah Marsden