Don’t be a back seat driver!

Are you living your life from the back seat of the car?  Do you feel as if you have no control?  You need to clamber into the front seat, become the driver and take direction of your life!!

How do get to where you want to go?  You need a map – a plan of what you want –you don’t want to be driving round in circles.  Before you start the journey you need to do a full check of your vehicle – no good getting started on your journey and then breaking down.  You can liken your cars ‘engine, bodywork and fuel’ to ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’.

Opening the mind is not always an easy task – that’s why we have teachers, therapists, practices such as Tai Chi and Yoga.  Its a job but it is worth it! In the daily process of developing, changes begin to happen. You will draw helpful people to you and be of help to others yourself.

If you are not healthy, you have no foundation to build on. Ill health is a sign that something in your life is out of balance.  Each thought and emotion affects our physical body in subtle ways. Acupuncture, energetic healing, hands-on therapy, spiritual healing and self-development work all aim to identify the root cause of blockages and deal with them resulting in a healthier, whole person.

Spirit is the spark of life that makes us unique as well as connecting us to all other life. Science is now “proving” that everything affects everything else.  Once you take the first step, once you make the decision to sit in the driver’s seat, doors of opportunity open up; teachers appear, friends and colleagues are there to help – they will learn from you as well.

© 2002 Sarah Marsden


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