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SW Vegan Carbonara – FREE

I bought Vivera Bacon Pieces and didn’t know what to do with them, sooooo … after 2 days contemplation today I woke up craving carbonara. First attempt at this and it was SO good!

Here is my SW Free Carbonara recipe. (It’s my new favourite SW recipe).
Feeds 4 (but as it’s free you can have as much as you like!)

Pack (500gm) Sainsburys Free From Penne FREE (only pasta in the house but any pasta is good)
Vegan stock cube FREE (for a bit of extra flavour) Pack of Vivera Bacon Pieces FREE
Pack of green beans FREE (210gms) chopped into inch pieces (had no frozen peas but either is good)
Pack (250gms) chestnut mushrooms FREE Garlic Fry Light FREE 250mls Asda or Tesco Free From Unsweetened Soya Yoghurt FREE
60gms Morrisons Taste Vegan Cheese -grated (I am using 30gms as a HExA as it has added calcium – even though it’s not on the official list but you can use Koko if you want to follow SW to the letter)
1/2 cup of pasta cooking water for sauce
Terry Free Mushroom Ketchup to season before eating.

Tip Penne into a pot of boiling water (stock cube added). While that is cooking chop mushrooms into biggish chunks – fry in a couple of sprays of Garlic Fry Light. Remove from pan. Couple more sprays of Fry Light and fry Vivera Bacon Pieces and when hot/crisping up a bit add mushrooms back in and mix well. Put to one side. Meanwhile, prepare green beans and chop into inch long pieces and add to pasta 5 mins before its finished cooking.

Strain pasta and keep half a cup of the cooking water.
Mix yoghurt into the pasta/green beans along with half a cup of pasta cooking water – if you feel it needs a bit more yoghurt to make it more creamy then add it. Mix well. Add grated cheese. Mix well. Add mushrooms and Vivera Bacon Pieces. Mix well. Season to your taste.

I bought some Mushroom Ketchup with the Vivera Pieces and it was A.MA.ZING sprinkled liberally over the Carbonara. Its add that little bit of extra saltiness that you would normally get from the bacon and the parmesan cheese.

Any question just ask in comments. If you tried it and loved (or hated) it – let me know!

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