Club 10 and 1.5 stone award
ME and Vegan Slimming World

Club 10 and 1.5 Stone lost

22 weeks in and 22.5lbs down which is pretty incredible really because it’s been a bit of an up and down journey (which I realise now is most peoples journey and totally natural).

I am extra happy with (and proud about) this loss because I have been sick with chronic ME/Fibro for the last 9 years (bed bound intermittently for the first 4) and this weight has crept on during that time.

It’s normal for me to eat extremely healthily (I have done all my life) but especially since I have been ill because I believe it has a huge impact on my wellness. Here is what happened… each birthday, night out, Christmas, takeaway because I was too exhausted/ill to cook, gin and tonic with friends in the garden, etc etc etc has added a tiny tiny amount of weight (which before the illness would have been worked off at the gym … or from rushing around from dawn till dusk) and each of those tiny bits added up to an extra 3 stone from my fighting fit weight. Each time I hit a new high in stones id promise I wouldn’t go over the next one. I realised when i hit the third (ok … I was halfway to the fourth) that it was just going to keep on happening and rang my GP surgery to see if I could get some support …and they sent me to Slimming World with 12 free weeks to start me off. I will forever be grateful for that push in the beginning and to SW for their brilliant eating plan. I am NEVER EVER hungry, I snack, I indulge, and I’m eating just as healthily as I ever have I’ve just learnt to make better choices on birthdays, Christmases (hope i can keep to that), nights out, etc etc etc.

I’ve broken down the weight gain over 9 years into calories/days and it only took an extra 40 calories a day/ 280 a week/ 1200 a month to gain 3 stone. So that’s one pizza or one night out a month … one little treat … scary how little you have to do to gain so much weight. Overweight people ARE NOT sitting at home ramming down bars of chocolate and pizzas every night – I know how hard you are all working and I know how little you had to overindulge to get where we are now 

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