Finding your homes soul colours

The mood in your home can affect the way you and your family interact, how your friends feel when they visit and is an important aspect to think about when you decorate.

A colour can affect the mood of a room dramatically!!! Do you want your living room to be a place you sit and relax or a place to entertain and have fun in?  You would not want your bedroom to invigorate and refresh you, you want to feel comfortable, nurtured and relaxed when you got to bed.

Red works well in dining rooms. It will increase your energy, pulse rate and brain activity so may help create interesting talk among dinner guests.  It is a wonderful colour for a bathroom as it gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.  Orange is the colour for confidence and sociability so is wonderful for living rooms, dining rooms, or a room that you hold parties in or anywhere that you like to socialize.

Yellow does anything that sunshine will do.  It lifts spirits and raises energy levels.  A good colour for a study as it sharpens your memory.  Green brings harmony and relaxation and is a good colour for bedrooms – especially for teenagers as it calms troubled emotions.

Blue is restful and soothing.  Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and studies.  Try using yellow with it to balance and bring a bit of warmth to the room.  Indigo and violet are really good colours for a private space to retreat to but indigo encourages introversion so don’t spend too long with it.  Violet soothes the body and soul so is perfect for healing rooms.

Whatever colours you choose for your home have fun and use your intuition.  You don’t have to paint walls, use cushions, curtains, carpets, lighting to give the same result.  A change of colour could improve your life in ways you never imagined.

© Sarah Marsden 2002