Prince William – could he be the last King?

Prince Williams public persona is that of a clever, charming and well-balanced young man. Very good looking, he has enormous appeal to women but men also seem to find him charismatic!  He should be a very good king but the eclipse aspect in his birth chart signifies that he may be the last.

Prince William was born in London, England, at 9:03 pm, on June 21, 1982, just after a solar eclipse at the Summer Solstice, a very powerful moment in time where Sun, Moon and North Node were closely aligned in the baby prince’s Seventh House (relationships) and in the emotional sign of Cancer (feeling, caring and nurturing).

Eclipses run through space and time in regular series called Saros cycles which take bout 1200 years to travel from North to the South Pole, and vice versa.  The series William was born into is called 2 Old North, which began in 792 AD, just before the first recognized English king, Egbert, was crowned. It is due to end in 2036 AD, when William is 54.  If William becomes the king of Great Britain, might he, in fact, be the last.

Princess Diana also had a Cancer Sun in the Seventh House so William should inherit her legendary ability to make people feel cherished, important and safe.

The combination of Sun and Moon in Cancer carries many other gifts, too – its association with love of history, tradition and the past (William is majoring in art history at University).  He should also be emotionally perceptive, and capable of deep and lasting love, as well as having a powerful, poetic imagination.  He is likely to be shrewd in any business dealings.  As king, he would be very conscious of the importance of upholding Great Britain’s national traditions and very concerned with the welfare of all its citizens.

© 2002 Sarah Marsden