About me

I called my site ‘Me and my M.E.’ because i decided that i was the boss and so i should come first. ‘M.E. and me’ was a much more snappy title but i felt it gave my illness too much significance. Its a symbolic and futile gesture because ME/CFS affects every single aspect of my life and has had a massive impact on all my relationships, my work, my social life …..  in fact i cant think of anything it hasnt had an adverse affect on. Now i know i have ME and whats been causing all the niggles in my life i intend to find out as much as i can about this illness and turn it into a massively positive thing – how often does anyone get the chance to put all the wrongs in their life right with the full support of some of the counties top ME experts! I really do feel really lucky.

Im Sally and ive got three fantastic, clever, kind, outgoing, funny, gorgeous, independant children. As of  March 2010 Paul is 34, Jade is 19 and Jake is 18 (in 2 weeks). They are all terribly relieved that their mum is no longer the quick tempered, picky, moany woman they (and i) thought id turned into. Im terribly relieved that they arent the irritating, overly noisy, thoughtless people id thought they had become. The second i heard that id been running on adrenaline and that for the last 18 months ive had my own personal Red Bull factory working non stop within me i had an almost instant realisation that it wasnt everyone else it was in fact me. I should probably correct that … it was in fact M.E.

I live in a hamlet just outside Weymouth in Dorset, We’ve been here since Jake was born and we all love the house and the place very much. We dont have pets but we do have wild ducks who knock on the kitchen door for breakfast in the mornings.

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