Ann Albers

About 8 (maybe 10) years ago i came across some uplifting and inspiring information written by a lady called Ann Albers – Aura Hygiene for the Sensitive Soul, Know your Flow and Know your No.  Ann has very kindly given her permission for me to put the articles on my website, she says they are excerpts from a class she did and are on a CD  called “Aura Hygiene” so if after reading them you would like to know more or purchase the CD then please click on this link: Ann Albers – Aura Hygiene

Ive pinched the description of Ann below, along with the photo, from Anns website so i hope she wont mind.

” Ann Albers is a popular spiritual instructor, angel communicator, lecturer, and author. She is a traditional Reiki master and a modern mystic who delights in distilling ancient wisdom into practical, down-to-earth tools for modern living.”

Ive read the pieces, i mentioned previously, over and over again but haven’t touched them for a couple of years and came across them again today. When i read Anns work it instantly makes me feel lighter and uplifted. Even if i don’t instantly take her advice i feel stronger and get a sort of inner warmth and outer glow. Her words resonate really strongly. The topics really are inspirational.

I emailed Ann to ask if she would mind me putting the information on my website because i felt that they related to ME/CFS suffers particularly strongly. Ann emailed me back in less than an hour which blew me away!  Anns reply made me feel really special and i feel honoured. I wanted to end my emailed reply to Ann with ‘bless you too, love and hugs, Sally’ decided it was a bit too personal so deleted ‘and hugs’. Ann replied with ‘love and hugs’. I love this woman!!

The miracle was that i was REALLY keen to put the articles on my website because i thought they would inspire and help a lot of people …. i didn’t really ‘expect’ a reply from Ann, i hoped for a reply in a few days, i thought the reply might come in a week or so …….. it came within an hour, personally from Ann with no sales hype or bullsh*t!! Its such a small thing but was massive for me because someone i hold up as a measure of where id like to be one day spiritually and knowledge wise, showed that they really are coming from a good place, they replied personally and there was no edge to any of it just a really good feeling. I feel as if ive been touched by an Angel. Thank you again Ann, love and hugs, Sally :-)