Aura Hygiene for Sensitive Souls

Ann Albers – Aura Hygiene

During lectures, classes, and in private sessions, I’ve been privileged to meet thousands of deeply caring and sensitive individuals. Sensitive souls have the courage to feel deeply, connect with their loving and compassionate nature easily, and receive accurate spiritual guidance once they learn to trust their intuition. If you’re reading this article, chances are good that you are one of these individuals.

Have you ever:

* felt drained or exhausted after spending time with a needy, demanding, depressed, or critical individual

* experienced the emotional or physical pain of another, or felt scattered in a chaotic crowd or workplace

* felt ill or scattered around someone who was angry or disturbed

* had the tendency to second-guess or doubt your own feelings while in the presence of others with strong opinions?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you already understand the challenges of feeling deeply and being sensitive to the world around you.

Unfortunately, this level of sensitivity is often misunderstood and mistrusted by people who don’t allow themselves to feel so deeply. In our society, feeling your emotions is often perceived to be a weakness or a burden. I’ve met many men who would love to feel and express their emotions on a regular basis, but were taught, “big boys don’t cry.” I’ve encountered women who were labeled “hysterical” when they allowed years of pent-up emotion to finally surface. I’ve met numerous adults who suffer from depression because they were once children who were taught to “be nice” instead of being allowed to express their upsets or sadness in a healthy way. And I know far too many intuitive individuals whose abilities are ignored or ridiculed by those who don’t understand.

The logic of the mind has been honored and applauded for centuries. The logic of the heart is often ignored. Many people in our society would like us to “sugarcoat” our feelings or justify our intuitions, but we cannot.

If you’ve ever been labeled “too sensitive” or told that you should stop being “so over-sensitive,” take heart. These criticisms are most often aimed at you by individuals who are not even aware that they harbor a deep fear that your strong emotions might trigger their own. If a person is not at peace with or honest about his or her own feelings, they will not be able to comfortably witness yours.

According to the angels, there is no such thing as being too sensitive. Is it possible for a radio to be “too finely tuned?” they asked me, once when I was wondering if an outburst of sadness and tears was an over-reaction to someone’s unkindness. “Not at all,” they continued. “Your sensitivity helps you finely tune your abilities to receive spiritual information and clear direction from God and your angels. Your sensitivity allows you to love and feel deeply. Your sensitivity is beautiful!” They repeated, “There is no such thing as being too sensitive!”

The angels have taught me that we can learn to manage our energy so we can feel peaceful no matter what the outer circumstances of our lives. You can go into a chaotic workplace or crowd and still feel centered. You can visit cranky family members without taking their criticisms personally. You can maintain your integrity around people whose desires don’t match your own. Your sensitivity becomes a blessing when you learn how to embrace its gifts and manage its challenges.

In order to live amidst the drama, chaos, insensitivities, and pains of the world, the angels insist that those of us with great sensitivity need to be as diligent about maintaining our energy as we are about brushing our teeth.

“You have oral hygiene,” they once told me. “You need aura hygiene!”

From that day on, I took their words seriously and adopted both philosophies and disciplines that keep me energized, stable, balanced, and centered in my own point of view. The process of maintaining your energy field is almost identical to the process of maintaining your physical well-being: stay healthy, learn to detect imbalances before they become major problems, learn to heal when you do get out of balance, and have a few tried and true remedies in your spiritual closet to help you when all else fails.

Here are the basics:

1. Prevention is the Best Medicine – Keep your Energy Strong & Healthy

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is true whether we’re discussing the maintenance of your car, your body, or your energy field.

Exercising, eating reasonably, and taking care of your physical body – while they may require a bit of discipline – are much easier prospects than dealing with sickness, drugs, surgery, or chronic conditions. Likewise, engaging in activities that uplift your spirit, maintaining an awareness of your connection with God, and living in integrity are much more efficient ways to maintain your energy than constantly protecting yourself, clearing negative beliefs and influences, patching up holes in the aura, or healing chronic spiritual diseases such as depression or emotional exhaustion.

2. Know your Flow – Learn to Notice when Something Disturbs your Balance

No matter how diligent we are about maintaining our energy, we’re human and we slip up at times. Just as you can prevent an extended illness when you learn to notice the early warning signs, you can also prevent serious energy drains and irritations by learning to take regular inventory of your energy level and learning to recognize the attitudes, beliefs, and actions that drain you. You can learn to detect imbalances before they become serious energy deficiencies.

For example, if you know you are allergic to pollen, you might take an antihistamine before going to work in your garden. Likewise, if you recognize that a situation or person irritates you, you can make healthy choices ahead of time to avoid falling into resentment and rage – both of which would seriously drain you.

Taking inventory of your energy flows to learn what uplifts you and what drains you is something you can learn to do automatically throughout your life. With a little bit of practice, you can learn to become impeccably honest with yourself, and prevent spiritual diseases rather than having to cure them.

3. Know your “No” – Learn not to Accept Situations that Drain or Disturb You

If you were on a diet, you would have to learn to say “no” to foods that weren’t conducive to your well-being. Likewise, if you engage in aura hygiene, it is essential to learn how to say “no” to activities, beliefs, and attitudes that disempower you, as well as the situations that aren’t honestly in alignment with your spirit.

If you knew you were allergic to shellfish, you probably wouldn’t even entertain the notion of eating it. Similarly, if you know you aren’t going to enjoy an event, a date, or a conversation, why would you engage in the very same, unless you can find some value in the situation? We can learn to overcome old habits and beliefs that prevent us from being in integrity with our spirit. Much like an alcoholic must develop new habits and beliefs to overcome his or her addictions, we too can cure ourselves of the “disease to please,” “the need to be needed,” and the “ache for approval.” We can learn to make our “yes” mean “yes” and our “no” mean “no.”

4. Last but not least, it doesn’t hurt to have a few tips and techniques!

Every now and then, despite your best attempts to be healthy, you get sick. Likewise, there are times, especially when you are first learning to maintain your energy, when you will feel drained, exhausted, or attacked, and you need to have ways to recover. For example, taking a bath with a pinch of salt in it (any type of salt works) is a wonderfully quick and refreshing way to clear your aura. Sitting outside by a tree can boost your energy, as can uplifting music. These are like spiritual “vitamins” that can boost your energy and keep you from absorbing negativity along the way.

You can have compassion without pity. You can care without necessarily having to be a caretaker. You can serve people’s souls rather than their personalities, and you can choose to live with greater levels of authenticity. You can, through taking time in stillness and play, learn to feel your connection with God so strongly that you will never again have to be affected by the energy of the world around you. You can learn to “walk in the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil.” You can learn to be with and assist people in the most dire circumstances and love them without taking on their pain.

Energy is energy, the angels say. They would rather we not even use the words “positive” and “negative,” but rather refer to the energies we feel in the world around us as “heavy” or “light,” because those designations are closer to the truth. All energies serve a purpose in this school called earth. Light energies simply feel better.

If you choose to take time in stillness and play, you’ll be strong, healthy, positive, and able to handle life’s challenges. Prevention is the best medicine, whether you are talking about your aura or your teeth!