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Nottingham or (go) bust!

I have moved! It all happened so fast which is unusual for me  – since I’ve been ill the norm is that nothing happens at all no matter how hard I try.

2013-12-02 08.13.03

A friend of 16 years who has been in the background throughout the abusive relationship with my ex and supported me through a lot of problems  – relationship and computer-wise (the latter being the most helpful to a brain fogged mind) and offered me a life line which I surprised myself by grabbing onto with both hands. Never one to ask for or accept help from anyone, however close, I shocked myself by realising that it was the only thing to do. Sooo … I find myself in a very modern two bed duplex just off the centre of Nottingham and am actually really enjoying it. I’ve never lived an urban life before – country girl born and bred so its going to be a big change.

When I say living an urban life – obviously only the view has changed – my life is still based around my bed and the settee but I do feel different and full of hope for the future now.

I have rented out my house as a whole after realising that being responsible for the bills and upkeep was causing too much stress – especially as I was virtually forced onto benefits when my ME specialist asked me why I wasn’t using the system and put me in touch with an amazing service who helped me fill in all the forms. Needless to say the ESA guys have messed it up totally all along the way and if I hadn’t decided to move out the decision would probably be out of my hands by now as my first mortgage payment ever has just bounced – four months down the line they’ve still not get the payments right and in my account. I have my PIP assessment on the 17th December after having also waited four months for that but I’m under no illusion on that score and not holding my breath.

Paying rent on a weekly basis and not having to worry about bills or work has made a significant difference to my health and once the divorce and money owed to me by my ex is sorted out all the stress will be out of my life – I can see light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in years.

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