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My Symptoms 23/2/2011

I thought id write a list of my symptoms to compare how they change over the months of my recovery:

Extreme fatigue

Can only walk about 20 yds without feeling ill

Unable to walk up stairs without feelin ill

Orthostatic intolerance – standing can me feel really ill

Unstable body temperature  – getting cold makes me really ill but i dont know im cold till im ill.

Bad memory – cant grasp words or memories easily. Forget seconds after ive been told something.

Aching hips

Burning hips if mattress isn’t soft and supporting

Anxiety – not butterflies but vultures circling around in stomach constantly

Heart palpitations

Feeling sick – not as if going to be sick bit like morning sickness

Unstoppable thoughts (washing machine brain)



Restless feet/legs


Severe lactose intolerance

Gluten intolerance

Deterioration in eye sight

Tight muscles in hips and upper legs causing severe pain

Flu like symptoms – skin painful to the touch, aching muscles

Swollen glands in neck and under chin

Sore throat

Acid reflux thing?

Night terrors when falling asleep unless light is on

Highly sensitive to caffeine

Post nasal drip (yuk!)

Jaw clenching/teeth grinding

Difficulty in controlling emotions – cry easily, lose temper easily

Brain fog

Sensitivity to loud music/bass/background music/too much going on in background









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