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Can we change the world around us?

Inspired by Chris B on http://cfsknowledgecenter.ning.com/


I really liked what you said about finally having time to focus on our wellbeing – its really how everyone should be running their life. Maybe, just by being (and staying) positive people around us will notice and we can change the world around us in a small way by giving family and friends the courage to do it too? Thats going to be my focus. Ive writen a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, some of them are practical but mostly they are fun and as i dont want to lecture anyone on focusing on wellbeing i guess i kind of hope that someone will notice that conserving energy is my main job (at the moment) but that outside of that i am doing lots of amazing things. Im cured of watching TV in the evening – when all youve had for months is the TV to stiumlate you you really dont want it any more which leaves me loads of time to do things that give me a life force that the TV seeps away. In fact youve now inspired me to write a peice for my blog. Stay well, Sally

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