‘Smudge’ your problems away

Do you want to transform your relationships, attract a new love, get rid of stress, soothe or energize yourself?  Smudging can do all this!

Smudging is the common name given to the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition.  Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and put you back into a state of balance.  It is the psychic equivalent of washing your hands before eating.

You will need a smudge stick (found in any New Age shop), matches, a small ceramic or stone bowl or a large shell (a saucer will do) and a large feather.

Light the Smudge Stick.  Let it burn until it begins to smoulder, then extinguish the flame so your stick smokes.  Call on the spirits of the smudge to cleanse and protect you – saying, “Sacred Sage, drive away all negativity from my heart; take away everything unworthy and impure”.  Holding the smudge stick away from you use the feather to waft the smoke towards your heart, then take the smudge smoke over your head, down your arms and the front of your body.  Imagine the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts, emotions and energies that have become attached to you.

Breathe in the smudge, imagine the smoke purifying your body from the inside.  Now bring the smoke down the back of your body towards the ground.  Visualize the last bit of negativity being taken back into the earth, away into the air.

Repeat, but this time calling on the spirit of Sweetgrass saying, “Sacred Sweetgrass, bring me the positive energy I need to do this work.  Help me to come into balance.  Purify my soul.”  As you smudge, imagine yourself being surrounded by gentle, loving energy.  Breathe in positivity, courage and love. If you cant say those words your intent is the most important thing so stay focused and hold your thoughts on the smudging and what you are wanting to acheive.


© 2002 Sarah Marsden


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