M.E. diary

Hair today

I realised this morning that i nearly always have to make myself go out but once im actually out its manageable.

Had a hair appointment today, my hair is my thing, so if you know me you will know that its one of my favourite things to do. I LOVE having my hair done but nowadays its really hard to get motivated and if i could think of a really good excuse i would probably have put it off today, like i did on Saturday. I could have thought of a really good excuse, of course, but i figured id still have to go next week or the week after and i did really want it done. Its a strange thing to have to think about. If i was well id just wake up thinking ‘great im having my hair done today’ rush around getting my work sorted and housework done, id have arranged to meet a friend for lunch weeks ago instead of the last minute. and off id go. Its a blummin’ nuisance to have to think about everything before i do it. It was actually quite uplifting. Lisa, my hairdresser is really positve and easy to be with. I, however, turned into an ME bore which is a bit embarrassing – i really do need to find a short, understandable explanation when someone asks about ME and make sure i dont drone on and on about it.

Just realised i should have taken a photo of my new hair for my blog coz it will never look like this again. Too late now coz ive taken off my makeup and im sorry but i cant find the energy to do that again. Plus, I definitley couldnt put anyone through the trauma of seeing me look as poorly and pale as i do without it.

Having my hair done did perk me up though and what a blooming beautiful day it was today!! Jon rang when i got to hairdressers and i had a few minutes to wait so i called him back and stood outside in the sun – it felt like summer to me it was actually hot!! Car said 19 degrees when i got back into it.

And here at the bottom of the page is a picture of mewriting this post tonight, very tired, with no makeup on  – it could do with a brush but my hair still looks great though and im feeling positive and happy.