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List of ME symptoms 25.06.2011

This is more complete list of my symptoms that i generated on this website: Stonebird ME Symptoms Questionaire

Its quite scary that i have the majority of them to some degree or another AND i dont think thats a full list of my symptoms either.

NB: Since starting to take Dosulepin to help me sleep i have not suffered from Sleep Paralysis (which is a blessing coz i used to be scared to go to sleep some nights it was so bad)

Sally’s ME Symptoms:

Tender lymph nodes
Sore throat
Flu-like symptoms
General malaise
Development of new allergies
Hypersensitivity to medications and/or chemicals
Loss of thermostatic stability
Frequent Mouth Ulcers
Sleep Pattern Alteration
Unrefreshing Sleep
Muscle Pain
General malaise
Breathing Difficulties
Neck Pain
Nerve Pain
Burning Pain
Heat/Cold intolerance
Cognitive Dysfunction
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Food Sensitivities
Drug Sensitivity
Marked weight gain
Loss of adaptability and tolerance for stress.
Worsening of symptoms with stress and slow recovery and emotional lability
Postural hypotension (low blood pressure)
Head Pain
Hyperesthesia (sensitivity to touch)
Sleep Paralysis
Extreme pallor
Intestinal dysfunction
Heart Palpitations
Difficulty with information processing
General malaise
Perceptual/sensory disturbances
Swallowing Difficulties
Hypersensitivity to noise
IBS -type Symptoms
Gastric Issues

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