Ive decided to do my second Master Cleanse – otherwise known as The Lemonade Diet. My reasons for this are:

Last time i did it I lost a lot of my ME symptoms. I concluded that food must have a lot to do with causing some of my symptoms and although i try very hard to eliminate harmful foodstuffs its really really hard to get them all out of your diet and even when you think you have they slip in somewhere unnoticed and cause the problems and it takes ages to work out what it is you are eating that is making them reoccur. This way (I hope) i can start to reintroduce food stuffs to a totally cleansed system and any adverse affects should show up pretty instantly – it will be obvious what I’ve eaten that caused the symptom.

Last time i did it (November 2011) i lost about a stone in weight – guess only as i didn’t have scales and wasn’t really sure what weight i was when i started. I’m interested in losing some weight and very interested to see how much weight loss is possible doing this cleanse.

I have joined a group on the internet http://themastercleanse.org/ for those of you who are interested in finding out more, and one of the things they like you to do is to write 100 words each day in 5 categories as a diary of what is happening to you, how you are feeling etc.

The categories are: The Lemonade Diet Process, Detox and Salt Water Flush, Psychological and Emotional, Weight Loss – Physical Results and Support from Family and Friends.

I will try very hard to keep this diary up to date so that i have a record of what happens to me throughout the process and will try to remember to post my results up here as well.

FULL RESULTS AND DIARY CAN BE FOUND HERE 🙂 http://www.meandmyme.co.uk/the-master-cleanse/