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I wrote this to a friend a month or so ago – they said they found it inspirational which was very flattering indeed and mighty praise for me. Also very humbling – i was just being me and going off on one ……. and then i forgot about it.  I just came upon it today and it crossed my mind to share it.  I hope you like it – its not necessarily ME related but i hope that in some way it might help someone else.

“I believe that positive attitude is just trusting your instincts and my instinct tells me all the time that things will get better. Its backed up by knowing that there have been worse times in my life and it has ALWAYS got better. You have to remember that nothing lasts for ever, not good things OR bad things. Life is organic and i guess that like plants you have to feed it to get the best out of it so if you put energy in and have belief, not necessarily in God but, in your version of God. I believe in ‘Spirit’ as in an energy that you cant see but you can feel and that can influence everything around you just by your positive thoughts and intent. If it helps to get your intent straight then write a list of what you want in your life* -it can be as general as health, wealth and happiness but it works better if you can be as specific and as detailed as possible because i find that ‘Spirit’ has a sense of humour and can also be exact in its translation. For instance – don’t wish to be with someone for the rest of your life (because they, or you, could end up crippled and you are the carer). Do wish for all the qualities that you would like in a partner and describe how your day to day life would be. Or work wise – don’t just wish for a job that earns you 100k it might take you away from family and friends and ruin your life. Do wish for a job that gives you enough money to pay bills with enough left over for all the things that enhance your life, that you look forward to doing every day, with colleagues who make each day easier and more fun etc etc etc.

I believe that ‘Spirit’ doesn’t hear ‘i don’t’ or ‘i do’ or ‘i want’ or ‘ i don’t want’. I believe that ‘Spirit’ only hears the actual subject of the statement. So if you are saying ‘i don’t want to be depressed’ all ‘Spirit’ is hearing is ‘depressed’ and that’s what you get. So if you say ‘i want to be happy’ all ‘Spirit’ hears is ‘happy’ and that’s what you get.”

*I wrote a list of traits i wanted in a new man after my last relationship ended. It was based on him being almost exactly opposite to the last one with a lot of additional qualities that id realised i wanted from a relationship because of the last one. I swear (on my life) that within 2 weeks of writing the list that person presented themselves to me and all but one of those things were granted. The missing trait i discovered a week ago and it was something that because i thought i knew this man i never expected from him. Life has a very strange way of turning out to be amazing!! The strangest thing about it all is that i put into action meeting up with someone id met 12 years before, just to say hi, whilst i was still in the last relationship. I didnt think for a moment he was anything like my list (which i hadnt written then anyway) and who i wasnt interested in romantically, and they turned out to be what i was asking for – even though id put this into action before i wrote my list or ended the last relationship. Maybe if i hadnt written the list ‘Spirit’ wouldnt have known that he was actually what i wanted and what would have been good for me? It may seem at first glance like a bit of an egotistical way of ‘being’ but we all have free will and, after a couple of days listening to him talk, it turned out that he was asking for exactly the same as i was asking for.

I could go on and on and on and on 🙂 its a subject that once you get me started on it (actually i think i started myself off this time didnt i?) i cant stop.

If you have any questions or arguments, for or against, what I’ve said or would like, or need, a personal pep talk then I’m the kiddy for the job – just ask and you wont be able to stop me.

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