101 in 1001

40 Start learning to sing

Number 40 on my list of 101 things to do in1001 days 🙂

Yesterday i had a singing lesson. How I came to find my teacher had a lovely bit of coincidence to it and it felt right.

I put a message out on facebook asking if anyone knew someone who did singing lessons. I had loads of lovely replies, some great advice, and some offers of free lessons and help. Then i had a private message from someone i didn’t know suggesting Jane Mckell. I typed her name into face book and got her wall ………. blown away to read her last status message: I have a one hour space for a private student (aged 7-90 yrs) for acting, singing or public speaking either working towards an exam or for fun: Tues @ 6.00 pm – hurry as they go quickly!

So, on the 28th June 2011 i had my first singing lesson! I was so nervous i was (id like to say glowing / perspiring but alas not) sweating (profusely) all the way through it. I really enjoyed warming up and doing a few exercises with Jane but was slightly confused by the song we decided to try me on first “It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing)”. Its quite a fun song to sing but in my second lesson i realised that it was probably a bit hard for me as a complete beginner – i just didn’t understand the phrasing.

In my second lesson Jane suggested trying ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. I LOVED singing this, its so much easier and Jane had the music for this song so it was a bit easier when i wasnt quite sure whethere the next note went up or down.

I love learning to sing! I’m amazed that after an hour or two of deciding i was going to do it after all  these years i had a lesson booked and next week will be my third lesson. I just have to get my confidence up (i tried faking it today and that really seemed to work). I really don’t want to go with an anxious feeling that i got again today 10 minutes before the lesson started.

So, Jane says i have perfect pitch (i think that’s what she said) and that she can tell i have ‘musicality’ by the way i move etc – i took that as a great compliment!! I really like my singing teacher, i look forward to seeing Jane as much as i look forward to the lesson.

I MUST PRACTISE – maybe i should put that on my 101 things in 1001 days list?


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